Top 8 Reasons Why Kratom Should Be Legalized

top 8 ways to legalize kratom
October 25, 2018 1 Comment

The History of Kratom

Kratom comes from the tropical evergreen tree and is a part of the coffee family. Kratomystic makes everything from Kratom capsules to maeng da kratom powder. These products have been laboratory tested and are completely organic. This evergreen tree can be found in Thailand, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and Myanmar. Kratom has been the basis for numerous medicines dating back to the nineteenth century.

The Legalization of Kratom

The legalization of Kratom is important because it will enable further research of the substance and can assist in the identification of the uses for Kratom in healthcare and medical purposes. Some healthcare organizations already realize the importance of the plant benefits and are trying to get it legalized. Here are eight excellent reasons Kratom should be legalized:

Breaking Addictions

Historically Kratom has been known to help opiate addicts break their addictions. The  effect is known to be similar to opium without the addiction or intensity. Kratom has been called a magic substance by those who went through opiate withdrawal. It relieved their symptoms, lessened the severity and pain and did not cause an addiction. If kratom was legalized we can study the substance more to find out if we can use it for actual opiate relief.

Regulating the Usage

Banning drugs is generally unsuccessful take marijuana for example, it failed miserably, and meth use is increasing at an alarming rate daily. The point is, once a substance is legalized, it becomes easier to regulate. Legalizing Kratom will provide the vendors with an incentive to be accurate regarding the usage and all other information.

The Black Market

Since kratom is illegal in some states, it could be sold through the black market. There will be no regulation and the prices will be outrageous. The chance of an unadulterated form reaching the public will be extremely high. Unadulterated Kratom can take lives and making this legalization is even more important.

The Research

Very little research has been done regarding Kratom. Once legal, the healthcare and science sectors will research the benefits, uses and possible side effects. This will ensure more information about the substance properties is available. The potency and efficacy will be backed by scientific research and safety standards can be established.

The Safety Factor

When Kratom becomes legal, America will be safer. The factions of illicit money and substance trafficking will be slowly eliminated, through different US regulations and laws regarding the substance.

The Medical Uses

Kratom has been historically used as an herbal medicine, and legalizing it could open up a lot of new potential herbal solutions to people that don’t like the pharma industry.

The Low Potential for Abuse

When compared to the available substances, buying Kratom on kratomystic is more affordable, easily available and has a wide variety of medical uses. Legalizing Kratom will enable numerous individuals to relieve their medical issues while reducing the potential for abuse.

All Natural

Kratom is all natural and has the potential to cure numerous diseases and chronic pains. Since it comes from a coffee plant derivative and is the safest of substances when in the raw form of leaves

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  1. December 18, 2018
    Brad Dahl

    Are you suggesting that unadulterated kratom is better/safer than adulterated kratom? (as mentioned in your The Black Market section) What kind of adulteration are you suggesting? #makeamericasafeagain


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