The Fight For Kratom

With the growing popularity of Kratom, many organizations are forming to spread awareness of its benefits as well as educate those who have fallen prey to falsehoods and misinformation. These organizations are gaining traction in the somewhat daunting battle that is Kratom’s legality and with it, its good name.


The American Kratom Association

The American Kratom Association was established in 2014 with the mission of protecting the rights of all Americans to use this natural botanical and further, protect this precious natural resource. As the interest in Kratom grows, both negatively and positively, this organization offers insight through articles with up to date Kratom news and scientific informative studies. This information is readily available through their website which allows skeptics, lawmakers, regulators and the average citizen to make informative decisions on behalf of Kratom.


Taking Action

The American Kratom Association believes in the importance of every individual’s personal experience and prides themselves on their ability to make these voices heard. Much of the work they do allows supporters to share their success stories and get involved with legislative actions. The AKA offers devotees opportunities to take action within their specified community through donations and directly through the contacting of state legislature. In example, when a vote in favor of criminalization is called in a particular state, the committee or representatives are bombarded with phone calls from community members pleading a swift rejection. It is because of the American Kratom Association and additional unions dedicated to the cause, that many of these bills fail to pass leaving Kratom safe from outlaw.


Florida’s Fight

Beginning August 18th, 2015, Florida introduced House bill 0073, a bill to ban Kratom and classify it as a “schedule 1” controlled substance; a category with high abusive natures and absolutely no medicinal benefits. With this announcement came an uproar within the Kratom society. The American Kratom Society began to flood legislative members with emails and phone calls educating those on the necessity of an expulsion. The bill made its way through the different chapters of government but died when it landed in the laps of Florida Senate Criminal Justice Committee on March 11th, 2016. For the second year in a row, this bill was thwarted. Florida’s activists rejoice for now, but remain aware of the lingering pressures.


New Hampshire’s Fight

February 1st 2016, Senate Bill 540 was introduced incorporating the banning of sale, use and possession of Kratom in the state of New Hampshire. Organizations took up arms against the bill which resulted in an amendment of an age regulation. Now the bill states that the use, sale and possession of Kratom while under the age of 18 was illegal. A triumph for all responsible Kratom users. The current status is passed with adoption of the amendment by the senate and an “ought to pass” within the house by May 11th 2016.


Long Road Ahead

Ultimately, these are just small battles in the arduous war for Kratom’s adoption as a legal substance. Fortunately, there are an increasing number of supporters all over the world working to make these issues known and provide the necessary pressures in their own community legislatures. For now, as each state moves closer, they celebrate the hard work of these individuals and see how the future will unfold. To remain updated with a particular state, The American Kratom Association maintains an access point to the latest news as well as a comprehensive list of each state’s legal status.

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