Kratom Powders

Borneo Red Kratom Powder

Rated 4.84 out of 5
Borneo Red Vein, also known as Red Vein Borneo is one of the most popular kratom leaves, widely grown in Southeast Asia. Quality powder of this strain is currently hard to find and we offer the top quality, ultra fine powder from farmers with vast experience. The techniques used in planting, harvesting and ...

Borneo White Kratom Powder

Rated 4.87 out of 5
Being one of the more popular kratom strains, Borneo White Vein is grown in Borneo Island of Indonesia. The strain is selectively harvested from trees grown naturally in the Borneo rainforests, and only the leaves from mature plants are harvested. These leaves contain a balanced concentration of active ingredients, which is what ...

Green Bali Kratom Powder

Rated 4.88 out of 5
Our unique Bali kratom strain harnesses full potential of the Kratom plant. Bali kratom is imported fresh from Malaysia and Indonesia, and is finely ground to the consistency of powder sugar to ensure a consistent burn and that the quality of the final product is not compromised. We offer premium Bali powder ...
Green Malaysian is one of the most popular kratom strains we carry, and it blends well with other strains because of its balanced alkaloid content. This strain is grown in the deep rainforests of Malaysia, and has been carefully harvested as well as undergone quality tests to determine alkaloid content. Only healthy, mature leaves are ...

Maeng Da Kratom Powder

Rated 4.83 out of 5
Our Green Maeng Da kratom is the connoisseur’s grade strain of kratom with the strongest aroma in the Kratom family. Regions where the leaf is harvested from, are contaminant free, organic and mature. Our careful planting, harvesting and processing methods of our farmers all contribute to the quality, and alkaloid levels of our ...

Red Bali Kratom Powder

Rated 4.81 out of 5
There are numerous strains of Kratom on the market, however Bali is often considered a staple in the industry. Red Bali, is a high alkaloid variation of the famous Bali strain with red veins and a higher concentration complex alkaloids.  This fine powder is one of our most consistent and well balanced strains ...

Red Maeng Da Kratom

Rated 4.82 out of 5
Maeng Da kratom is the connoisseur’s grade strain of kratom with the strongest aroma in the Kratom family, and now we are offering the Red Maeng Da. Red Maeng Da is known to have the highest, and most well diverse alkaloid content among the red strains.  Regions where the leaf is harvested ...

Red Thai Kratom Powder

Rated 4.82 out of 5
As another staple strain in the market, Red Vein Thai is a high alkaloid strain with a mild aroma. The surrounding climate and soil come together to produce a strain known for its high alkaloid content. Fine powdered, and freshly packaged make this one of the most sought after Kratom strains on ...
White Maeng Da kratom is obtained from the leaves of trees grown in the Indonesian Islands, but native to Thailand. Shamanistic studies show that the powder from the plant has very similar properties to that of Maeng Da, but with a milder scent. This strain has been requested over and over again by ...
Yellow Maeng Da is also referred to as the gold powder, with mitragynine content being higher than most white strains. Only the very old leaves are hand picked from the deep, untouched rainforests of Indonesia. Yellowing of the leaf happens during the drying process, and once dry then it is ground into powder before packaging, guaranteeing ...

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